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You said keep our business on the low low lyrics

You said keep our business on the low low lyrics

If you are a music lover then you might be interested to know about “You said keep our business on the low low lyrics.” This article will give you information about it. Therefore, it is time to get information that you need to know.

You said keep our business on the low low lyrics —– Overview

The lyrics of this song are incredible. This is one of the most popular songs. If you want to get the lyrics of this song then you can search it over internet and you will find them easily. This song was released on 27 May 2015 with the title “The Hills.” A Canadian Singer “The Weekend” sung this song. It was included in one of his hot song album “Beauty Behind the madness.” The Hills brings marvelous success for the singer and featured as a best song for many years. This song was pointed at number one in Canada as well as gets too much popularity in all around the world.

This song featured in Billboard Hot 100 in US while in UK, this song was included in top 10. The Hills beat Weekend’s another song “can’t feel my face” and make him the 11th Artist.

You said keep our business on the low low —- The Hills Lyrics Meaning

This song gets wonderful popularity due to its lyrics. At the beginning, the singer took start with rapping to a woman he is in affair with. The lyrics “Your Man on the road, He doin’ promo / you said, ‘Keep our Business on the Low low” indicated the husband of the woman, who was a traveling sales man or traveling advertiser. She wants Abel to be cautious and she does not want to let her husband find out her affair with the singer. To do this, they create a fascia that becomes frequent theme in “The Hills.”

Then weekend sings “out the friend zone / cause you look even better than the photos,” indicates that he wanted the woman to be out of the friend zone and to be more open while she want her affair remains a secret. Singer tried for a physical relationship with other instead of the emotional.

In the song, he requests the woman to send him the address of her house. When the woman came to know that he is coming, she sent all her friend’s home to keep it secret but he knows that her friends know about everything.

His whole song contains wonderful meaning. Every verse of his song has a hidden meaning. We can say that, this song is the true feeling of writer and his desires about his relationship with the woman. When you listen this song, you can feel the hidden meaning and desires.

Who sung you said keep our business on the low low?

A Canadian singer “The Weekend” sung this song. This song was released with the Title “The Hill.” the singer tried to communicate with the woman who is in affair with him in this song. He tried to convey his desires about his relationship.

You said keep our business on the low low lyrics
You said keep our business on the low low lyrics

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