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Which US Marathon Provides the Most Money to the Winner?

Which US Marathon Provides the Most Money to the Winner?


Marathons are not just a test of endurance but also a gateway to substantial financial rewards for elite runners. In the United States several prestigious marathons offer substantial prize money to the winners. In this article we’ll explore which US marathon provides the most money to the winner shedding light on the lucrative world of professional marathon running.

The New York City Marathon: A Grand Prize


The New York City Marathon stands out as one of the most iconic and financially rewarding marathons in the world.

Prize Money

  • First Place: The winner of the New York City Marathon can expect to take home a grand prize of over $100000.
  • Additional Incentives: Besides the top prize there are various financial incentives for top finishers.

Boston Marathon: A Historic Race with Substantial Rewards

Historical Significance

The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon in the world and has a rich history of attracting elite runners.

Prize Money

  • First Place: The Boston Marathon offers a significant purse for the winners often exceeding $150000.
  • Bonuses: Additional bonuses are available for breaking records or achieving remarkable milestones.

Chicago Marathon: The Windy City Wealthy Race

Financial Attraction

The Chicago Marathon has gained prominence for its competitive prize money and wellorganized event.

Prize Money

  • First Place: The champion of the Chicago Marathon can pocket over $100000.
  • Appearance Fees: Many top athletes are also offered appearance fees increasing their earnings.

Los Angeles Marathon: Running for Riches in the City of Angels

The Glamour Factor

The Los Angeles Marathon not only offers substantial prize money but also the allure of Hollywood.

Prize Money

  • First Place: Winners can earn upwards of $50000 at the Los Angeles Marathon.
  • Sponsorships: Successful runners may attract sponsorships for additional income.

Houston Marathon: A Southern Gem

Surprising Rewards

The Houston Marathon is known for its unexpected generosity when it comes to prize money.

Prize Money

  • First Place: Champions can expect to take home around $45000.
  • Bonuses: Like other marathons bonuses are available for exceptional performances.


In the world of professional marathon running financial rewards can be substantial. The New York City Marathon Boston Marathon Chicago Marathon Los Angeles Marathon and Houston Marathon all offer impressive prize money to their winners making them attractive destinations for elite runners.


1. Do all marathon winners receive prize money?

  • No only the top finishers typically the first three receive substantial prize money.

2. Are there any additional incentives for marathon winners?

  • Yes many marathons offer bonuses for breaking records or achieving exceptional times.

3. Do professional runners rely solely on marathon winnings?

  • No professional runners often have sponsorships and endorsements that supplement their income.

4. Are appearance fees common in marathons?

  • Yes many top athletes receive appearance fees for participating in marathons.

5. How can I participate in a professional marathon?

  • To compete in professional marathons you need to achieve qualifying times and secure an invitation from race organizers.
Which US Marathon Provides the Most Money to the Winner?
Which US Marathon Provides the Most Money to the Winner?

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