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Which type of business is a strong steel manufacturer?

Which type of business is a strong steel manufacturer?

This article is about “Which type of business is a strong steel manufacturer?” If you want to know about it then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further about it.

Which type of business is a strong steel manufacturer
Which type of business is a strong steel manufacturer

Which type of business is a strong steel manufacturer?

An MCQ-based question appeared on the internet. Many people searched for this on the internet. You have three options by which you need to choose one correct option.


  1. Corporation
  2. Proprietorship
  3. Partnership


The right answer to this question is “Corporation.”


strong steel manufacturers is a corporations because they are expert in efficiently and effectively using the raw material for many products which results in lower cost and give them increasing profit. As a corporation, its main goal is to maximize profit and they have been successful in doing that.

How many types of steel producers are there?

Two major types of steel producers are mentioned below:

Primary Steel Manufacturers

Primary steel manufacturers manufacture the raw material, which is used to make products. They give raw materials to other manufacturers to turn them into their products. Such manufacturers use primary steel to make several steel products like automotive materials, building materials, and machinery components.

In simple words, such manufacturers are manufacturers who produce steel raw materials for other manufacturers to make their products the raw material.

Secondary Steel Manufacturers

Secondary steel manufacturers produce and sell products and goods made of steel. They turn raw materials into final products that are why they are known as secondary manufacturers.

Major industries depend on strong steel manufacturers

Following are some of the major industries that depend on strong steel manufacturers:

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry relies on steel for manufacturing goods. It is used to produce cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It is used for many purposes like building a vehicle’s frame, engine, and fuel tanks. It gives strength and durability to automotive products.


Steel is also used as the major material for construction purposes. It is used in different shapes for making buildings, bridges, and other construction projects. It gives durability and strength to buildings.

Manufacturing Heavy tools and equipment

Steel is used for making many tools and equipment in the world. It may turn into different shapes. It is used for making strong parts, machinery, furnaces, cranes, and other tools that are used in daily life. It is also used in making welding tools and robots.



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