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Tom Cruise risky business sunglasses

Tom Cruise risky business sunglasses

Tom Cruise was starring in a comedy film “Risky Business” in 1993. In these comedy movies, he played the role of a youngster name Joel Goodson. He played this role incredibly. In this movie, Tom Cruise wore many costumes and many sunglasses. If you are looking for Tom Cruise risky business sunglasses then you are at right place. We will explore the facts about sunglasses that Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business.

Sunglasses Tom Wore in Risky Business

In Risky Business, Tom Cruise wore RayBan original Wayfarer sunglasses. The popularity of this sunglasses brand is surprising but at the time when Tom Cruise wore the glasses of this brand, the brand was struggling so much. At that time, other brands such as Dior and Saint Laurent were famous. However, the struggle makes Rayban a more enduring sunglasses brand.

In an effort to turn the company’s fortune, the brand Rayban contracted with the movie production companies that feature the incredible shades of RayBan glasses in the popular movies at that time. This attempt played a significant role in their current popularity. Tom Cruise was also appeared wearing RayBan sunglasses in Risky Business that is also the part of their marketing campaign.

What sunglasses did Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business movie?

Tom Cruise wore RayBan RB2140 original Wayfarrer sunglasses. This sunglass looks incredibly stylish. Many people use these sunglasses across the world. It was very popular in 1980. Tom Cruise appeared wearing these sunglasses in many scenes of the hit movie “Risky Business which makes these sunglasses celebrity-inspired sunglasses.

Tom Cruise brings these stylish sunglasses to the next level of popularity by wearing it in his movie. According to the reports, company sold 1.5 million pairs of these sunglasses in the next four years of this movie.

This sunglass of RayBan brand has stylish design, which gives a modern look to people.

How Tom Cruise contributed in the popularity of Rayban Brand?

Tom Cruise appeared in a comedy movie named “Risky Business.” in this movie, he portrayed the role of a determined teenager named Joel Goodson. Joel is a naughty boy who uses his parent’s absence to dance around the house wearing a short and underwear and he starts a brothel. In this movie, Tom wore many outfits and use RayBan’s Wayfarers sunglasses.

After Tom wore this sunglasses in the movie, the sales of this sunglasses increased by 50% approximately. People started to buy these sunglasses rapidly because they like to copy the style of Tom Cruise. It is not the last time when Tom Cruise does something for this brand. He wore the Aviator sunglasses of RayBan in his movie “Top Gun.” This stunt of Tom increases the sales of these sunglasses to 40 %. Tom became identical to the Rayban brand and incredibly contributed in the popularity of this brand.

Why Rayban is a popular brand for glasses and sunglasses?

Rayban has a range of glasses and sunglasses by which people can select according to their desires. This brand has something for everyone. This brand is popular due to a range of glasses and sunglasses as well as their classis design and quality material. If you are a lover of glasses and sunglasses, you can buy items from Rayban.

Tom Cruise risky business sunglasses
Tom Cruise risky business sunglasses

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