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Tom cruise risky business costume

Tom cruise risky business costume

Tom Cruise is one of the most popular actors in the acting industry. He is a symbol of style and elegance. Tom Cruise played the role of “Joel Goodson” in a romantic comedy movie “Risky business.” it is one of the less recognized role of Tom but it played a significant role in his acting career. In a scene of this movies, Joel (Tom Cruise) dancing around a house wearing only a shirt and underwear. It was one of the most iconic scenes in the movies and cosplayers started to copy this style of Tom Cruise as a Joel. In this article, I am going to tell you all about “Tom cruise risky business costume.” So, join us in exploring the myth about it if you are interested to know about it.

Background of Tom cruise risky business costume

Tom Cruise appeared in a romance and comedy movie named Risky business as Joel Goodson. This movie features Tom Cruise as a high school student who wants to compete advance covetous marketplace. Hisdesire leads him to engage in some dangerous and hilarious activities.

One of the scenes in this movie is hilarious, in which Joel (Tom) appeared dancing around a house. In this scene, he only wore his shirt and underwear. This film featured several themes such as adulthood, loss of the innocence of child, materialism, and capitalism. In these movies, Tom Cruise gives an incredible performance as Joel Goodson. In this movie, Tom wore many costumes but one of the most hilarious and unexpected costume is shirt and underwear costume that many people copy.

What do you need forTom cruise risky business costume?

Tom Cruise wore many costumes in Risky business but his costume of shirt and underwear remains popular. If you want to copy his costume and style then you need the things that are mentioned below:


For this costume, you need to wear clean white colored underpants. You should buy one if you do not have. This costume is nothing without it.


In this costume, Joel also wore white socks. You need to buy white socks for this costume. If you planned to go to a party with this funny costume then you also need to wear white shoes. You may wear joggers, sneakers or sport shoes but the color of the shoes must be white.


If you want to completely look as Joel in the Risky Business then you need to hold a candleholder.


You should also wear sunglasses as Joel wore in Risky Business. Sunglasses give you stylish look.

Where to go by wearing Tom cruise risky business costume

People consider Tom Cruise as a style icon and fashion does not have limits. People copy Tom Cruise’s character as Joel when he was dancing by wearing shirt and underwear. People copy this costume. By wearing these funny costumes, you can go to the party. Usually, people go to the “Halloween parties” by wearing Tom cruise risky business costume. People like to wear the same costume as Tom wore in Risky Business.

Tom cruise risky business costume
Tom cruise risky business costume

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