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The marriage business CH 1

The marriage business CH 1

I bring an exciting manhwa for you if you are a manhwa lover, The Marriage Business. However, with the overview of this exciting novel, I will review chapter 1 of this novel. So, let us start exploring the marriage business CH 1.

The marriage business —- General Information

Before we delve in chapter 1 of this novel, I want to give you some general information about it. This is a manhwa series, which contains the elements of drama, romance, regression, and royalty. A Korean novel is translated in Indonesian language as well. The novel was released in 2022. The story of this novel is still ongoing. Some chapters of this novel are available while the remaining will come soon. If you are a manhwa love, you can try reading this novel. I am sure you will love it.

You can search out on internet and find sources to learn this novel online free. The authors of this novel are Hanheun and Ken. The graphic artist is Ant Studio.

The marriage business —- Synopsis

The story of this novel revolves around a woman “Bianca De Arno.” She is Zachary De Arno’s wife, who is the loyal vassal of the king of Sevrang and the right-hand man of first prince His highness Gautier.

Bianca is an evil wife, who likes to spend lavishly. She wanted to spend a royal life. Her husband’s death lether to live life in fear and forced her to live in misery. When she was on the edge of death, she returns to the time when she was 18 years old. Nobody liked her in Arno County as before.

She needed a child who could be a successor and could change her position of being disliked. She decided to carry out all her duties as a wife and give birth to a child who becomes the successor to the count Arno.

The marriage business Chapter 1

The first chapter of this novel is wonderful. We can see Bianca begging from the lord for one more chance, in the first chapter. She was Zachary De Arno’s wife. Zachary is introduced as the loyal vassal of the king of Sevrang and the right-hand man of first prince His highness Gautier in the first chapter. Bianca wanted to live a royal life but no one likes her.

Bianca was at the edge of death. However, when she awake after sleeping, she was surprised to see herself in mirror. She found herself young as when she was 18 years old. She was not happy because she was known as an evil wife in the whole Arno County.

The county does not as if her but his husband has a good reputation. He was determined and brave person. He made a lot of money in war. However, he died during the war. It seemed that he made the entire county rich in future. However, he died during the war. when Bianca does not come out of the room for many days, All the workers started to think that many days passed out, she did not called them for cleaning and eating. They thought that something might happen. Chapter 1 is interesting. You should try it.

The marriage business CH 1
The marriage business CH 1

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