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Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

The Oppo F1s is an older phone model released in 2016 so it important to consider that when looking at its price in Pakistan. Here what you need to know:


  • There seems to be some discrepancy in the price online. Some sources list the price around 12500 PKR while others mention a much higher price of 30899 PKR. This could be due to the phone condition new vs. used or variations in retailer pricing.

Importance of Price:

  • Given the phone age it likely you’ll find it at a much lower price point than newer models. This can be a good option if you’re on a tight budget and prioritize basic phone functionality.
  • However for the price you might find a newer phone with better features like camera quality processing power and battery life.

Before you decide:

  • It important to consider what you’ll be using the phone for. If you just need it for calls texts and light browsing the Oppo F1s might be sufficient.
  • But if you want a phone for more demanding tasks like gaming photography or multitasking you’d likely be better off looking at newer more affordable options.

Here are some resources to help you compare the Oppo F1s to other phones available in Pakistan:

  • WhatMobile

has specifications and user reviews for the Oppo F1s.

  • Price comparison websites

can help you find the best deals on the Oppo F1s or similar phones in Pakistan.

Oppo f1s price in Pakistan
Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

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