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Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

Oppo f1s price in Pakistan

The Oppo F1s is an older phone model and there seems to be some conflicting information about the current price in Pakistan. Here what I found:

  • Some sources list the price around 12500 PKR which seems more realistic considering the phone age.
  • Other sources mention a much higher price tag of 30899 PKR. This could be a mistake or an outdated price.

Importance of Oppo F1s Price in Pakistan:

Knowing the Oppo F1s price in Pakistan is important if you’re considering:

  • Buying a used Oppo F1s: Knowing the current market price helps you negotiate a fair deal. You can check websites like OLX for used Oppo F1s listings Selling a used Oppo F1s: By knowing the going rate you can price your phone competitively.

However it important to consider

that the Oppo F1s is a few years old. There are likely newer models with better features available for similar or slightly higher prices.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking at the Oppo F1s price:

  • Phone condition:

A used phone in good condition will command a higher price than one with scratches dents or malfunctioning parts.

  • Storage capacity:

The price may vary depending on whether you’re looking at the 32GB or 64GB storage model.

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