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Oppo a5s price in pakistan

Oppo a5s price in pakistan

The Oppo A5s is a budgetfriendly smartphone that was released in 2的价格 jiāgé range of PKR 18999 to PKR 22999 in Pakistan. It is no longer a new phone having been released in 2019 but it can still be a good option for those looking for an affordable phone with decent specs.

Here a discussion on the importance of the Oppo A5s price in Pakistan:

  • Affordability:

The Oppo A5s price point makes it an attractive option for budgetconscious buyers in Pakistan. With many people in the country having limited disposable income a phone priced under PKR 25000 can be a very appealing option.

  • Value for Money:

Even at its launch price the Oppo A5s offered decent specs for the price. It has a 6.2inch HD+ display a MediaTek Helio P35 processor 2GB to 4GB of RAM 32GB or 64GB of storage and a 13MP rear camera. While these specs may not be topoftheline today they are still adequate for basic tasks such as browsing the web social media and messaging.

  • Availability:

The Oppo A5s was widely available in Pakistan through both online retailers and physical stores. This made it easy for buyers to find and purchase the phone regardless of their location.

It important to note that since the Oppo A5s is an older phone you may be able to find it for an even lower price now. However it also worth considering newer phones in this price range that may offer better specs.

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