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Oppo a54 price in pakistan 4 128

Oppo a54 price in pakistan 4 128

The price of an Oppo A54 with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage in Pakistan can vary depending on whether the phone is PTA approved.

  • However it important to consider the importance of PTA approval.

Importance of PTA Approval

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA is responsible for regulating the telecom sector in Pakistan. PTA approval ensures that the phone is genuine and can be legally used on Pakistani mobile networks.

Here why PTA approval is important:

  • Network Connectivity:

NonPTA approved phones might face network connectivity issues and may not be able to use SIM cards from Pakistani mobile operators.

  • Warranty:

Without PTA approval the phone warranty from Oppo might not be valid in Pakistan.

  • Resale Value:

A PTA approved phone will have a higher resale value in Pakistan compared to a nonPTA approved phone.

In Final Word

while the price of a nonPTA approved Oppo A54 might be tempting it is important to consider the potential drawbacks before making a purchase. Opting for a PTA approved phone ensures legal network usage valid warranty and better resale value.

Oppo a54 price in pakistan 4 128
Oppo a54 price in pakistan 4 128

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