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Minding your own business Hogwarts legacy walkthrough

Minding your own business Hogwarts legacy walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most well-known and extensively performed games. It has countless quests however one of the moneymaking quest of this recreation is “Minding Your Own Business.” after correctly finishing this quest, the player can purchase and run a store in the game. This quest can solely perform on PS 4 and PS5 currently. It will be reachable for different systems on 10 February 2024. If you desire to walkthrough this quest, however do not understand how to whole this quest then you is at proper place. Here, I am going to provide an explanation for Minding your personal commercial enterprise Hogwarts legacy walkthrough. So, let us begin our discussion.

Start Minding Your Own Business Quest

The place of the quest is Hogsmeade. You prefer to go to Hogsmeade in the route of the wintry climate to commence this quest. You can see the quest that is positioned at the east aspect of the town on the map. It is Penny the House EIF, who runs a keep then again it require a new tenant. Now, you ought to go to the Cassandra Moon to purchase the shop.

Cassandra will requests that you fetch the belonging of her late husband from the chest at the decrease returned of hold and you will favor to obligate. You can go internal thru the utilization of the penny when you return to the shop. You choose to use Repairo on many devices internal the shop. You will go interior facet when you go again to the room and open the chest. This area is the area the place dungeon starts.

Communication with Cassandra Mason

When you talk with Penny, she will similarly ship you in the direction of Cassandra Mason who is the proprietor of the empty shop. If you do not comprehend the place is she, you can use Tracker to discover the region of Cassandra. When you locate her, you want to talk with her.

Make 1500 Galleons to purchase the store

when the participant speak with Cassandra, she will agree to promote the shop. She determined to promote store for 1500 Galleons. You want to acquire this amount. You want to speak her once more to provide her quantity and take the bureaucracy of the shop.
After that, Cassandra request participant for assist in discovering and gathering the property of her late husband. She will provide a key to her husband’s chest.

Gain entry

You want to head again to the keep and talk with penny to get entry inner the shop. You want to smooth the mess internal the save the use of the Reparo Spell. After that, penny will lead you in the direction of the chest of her late master.

Prepare yourself for dungeon

You want put together yourself for the dungeon earlier than intending similarly due to the fact you cannot depart the dungeon until you entire it successfully. You need to put together your quality gears and need to be equipped to face what is in advance of you.

Open the extraordinary chest

When you make positive that you are equipped for the chest, you want to discover it in the different room of the save and go internal by means of triggering a cutscene. It will expose a ladder, which will lead you, underground. It is the commencing of the ride thru Dungeon.

Find strange-undergrounded maze

When you open the door in the chest room, you will enter in a maze that is full of moving and room changing. The way is easy however; it can be difficult due to the non-stop movement.
You want to first enter in a room that is stuffed with historical gadgets and dummies. You will discover a chest that incorporates a hat in that room. When you try to go away that room, the door will close. When you hit a dummy with spell, you will go to a darkish room that includes dummies.

Now you want to solid Lumos spell to mild your route and stroll until you will get a vast locked door. If you favor to free up that door, you want to use Accio and Wingardium Leviosa spell, which will assist you to elevate a lamp that is positioned on the proper facet and cling that lamp to the pedestal. It will free up the locked door, enabling you to enter in the room subsequent to that door.

When you enter in the room, you will meet “Fastidio,” who is a spiteful ghost. He has been telling you the way to thru the moving rooms. He wills assignment you to play sport if you favor to locate an exit. He will throw fixtures to your way to assault you. You can spoil the furniture. Now, you will discover the rooms on the both aspect of the lobby by means of which you want to discover one at a time. You ought to begin from left room the place you will discover library.

Explore Library

You want to discover the library when you entered interior of it. The library brings many twists for you. If you prefer to proceed to the subsequent level, you want to locate two lanterns. The library is a mess and difficult area however, Fastido will provide you clues alongside your ride to discover library. The clues can be beneficial for you.
When you get darkish corridor, you can solid Lumos Spell for brighten the way. When you are exploring the library, you will get a room that has three doors. You want to open all doorways one by means of one to discover the first lantern. You may also additionally get a spherical hall that will flip in a small room full of dummies.
In the closing room of Library, you will get a jack-in-box. You will face a struggle in opposition to dummies when you interact with the box. They will assault you in numbers. You will discover your first lantern when you beat the dummies.
When you are attempting to discover the second lantern, you will get rooms on the left facet of the library. If you sense that you are lost, you need to flip around. The doorways will open or exchange when you do not appear at them. When you solved the mystery, you will discover the second lantern and your trip to the library will give up up.

Return lower back to Foyer

You want to return to the Foyer to attain and discover the subsequent area.

Travel via Atrium

You want to enter to the different room to attain Atrium. Go thru the transferring room to discover two lanterns, which will open the subsequent door or level.
You want to use Accio and Wingardium Leviosa spells to pull lanterns and wreck all the objects that are floating round you. You want to beat all the dummies that assaults on you in the room and grasp the first lantern on base earlier than going on to the subsequent facet of Atrium. Negotiate to the chess room and beat dummies to get the second lantern.

Battle with Fastidio

When you return to the huge room, you want meets fastidio again. He will assaults on you by using throwing things. You want to ruin the entirety that he throws closer to you. After that, he will summon all the dummies (Mannequins) to assault on you. You want to beat all the dummies to give up the battle.

Go via the lobby doorways

When you comply with the way backyard the lobby door, you will attain at the cemetery the place you will meet Fastidio again. Here, Fastidio will provide you a deal

Fight with Fastidio

Fastidio will task you to have a battle. He throws gadgets at you that can pass you. He will make monsters and summons dummies on you. You want to defeat all monsters and dummies to get Fastidio to surrender.

Speak Penny

Now, you want to go returned to the save and talk to Penny. You want to choose your response when you are talking with her. You will then want to locate assist from Officer Singer.
Find officer singer
you want to observe the markers to discover singer and inform her Cassandra is doing with her shop.

Challenge Cassandra

Now, you want to go again to Cassandra and project her. When you are battle with her, she will use spell to beat you in the first phase. You will hastily launch your combos at her to go on to the subsequent phase.
In the subsequent phase, she will throw rocks at you. After destroying the first two rocks, you can use Protego spell to throw the 1/3 rock lower back to her which will ruin her safety armor. After breaking her shield, you can without problems assault her to beat her.
Now, you entered in the closing segment of your war with Cassandra. She will assault on you strongly with the aid of mixing spells. You need to keep away from all her attacks. When she throws rocks on you, you want to hurl that rocks returned to her to ruin her shield. When you spoil her shield, you need to assault on her to slash her health. When you lower her health, she will be tied down. Then Officer Singer will arrest her.

Return to the Shop

After beating Cassandra, you want to go lower back to the store and inform Penny about the arrest of Cassandra and your switch of shop’s ownership. Free her by using giving her an elf-sized hat and signal for store from various options. The quest is effectively achieved and it is your time to get extra rewards.

Minding your own business Hogwarts legacy walkthrough
Minding your own business Hogwarts legacy walkthrough

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