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If i broke Na my business lyrics

If i broke Na my business lyrics

If I broke Na my business is one of the most popular songs. If you like to listen song then you should try to listen if i broke Na my business, you will surely love it. This article will give you information about if i broke Na my business lyrics and the singer of this song. You will also get information about the meaning of this song.

Getif i broke Na my business lyrics

If I broke Na my business is a wonderful song. Since its release, it became an anthem on Tiktok. Many people love to listen this song and use this song’s music in their videos. You can easily get the lyrics of this song in written form from internet sources. You should follow the steps mentioned below to get the lyrics of this entertaining song:

  • Open Google in your device
  • Type, “If i broke Na my business lyrics” in the search bar
  • Wait for some time then you will get many websites or sources that offer you lyrics of this song in written form
  • You need to select a trustworthy source or website that offers lyrics of this song
  • Now, enjoy the lyrics

If i broke Na my business Song —- Overview

If i broke Na my business song became a sensation after its release. A Nigerian producer named “Pheelz” and popular singer and songwriter “Bnxn” collaborated with each other to make an incredible song. This song is one of their masterpieces. The official name or title of this song is “Finesse” but it is famous with its lyrics.

Finesse gets popularity even before its official launch. A small clip of this song went viral on internet before its release, which makes people excited for this song. So, when this song was released, it became famous among people who are waiting for it.

Why this song’s name is Finesse?

The name of this song is Finesse. People thought why it is called Finesse. Let me explain. The song is about the busy life that we live these days. Singer addresses the fastest life of the busy era. People led a very fast life but they know what is happening in surrounding. They are aware of their and other people’s circumstances.

The rapper or singer describes his entire life in this song with amazing lyrics so that the people can feel what he is saying. He described himself as the “G” in turbo. He knows how to get his destination and how to fulfill desires of life by dealing with challenges that comes in his way. He began this song by telling people about fastest life that we live in this busy era. We life a busy and hard life but we are aware of the challenges and risks that comes our way.

He referenced a footballer named “Joseph Yobo” in this song because he like footballer’s expertise defense from the things that comes in their way. He repeated a sentence “Ahh, Finesse” which is attractive and a sign of singer’s capability to fight with the world and the people for his aims and desires. It also indicates that he is confident. The lyrics indicates that the singer know the significant of his decisions and actions.

About Singer and Producer

A popular songwriter and singer “Bnxn” sung this song. Bnxn is popular as Buju. Daniel Benson is the real name of Buju. He is a Nigerian singer. He givesmuch popular song by which Finesse is one.

Pheelz is the producer of this song. He collaborated with Buju to drop this wonderful song, which bring many milestones for them. This song became famous on social media, especially on TikTok.

If i broke Na my business lyrics
If i broke Na my business lyrics

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