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How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets: PinterestInspired Ideas

How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets: PinterestInspired Ideas


When it comes to kitchen decor every detail matters. While most of the focus is on countertops backsplashes and appliances there one area that often gets overlooked  the top of your kitchen cabinets. But fear not because in this article we’re going to explore some creative and Pinterestworthy ideas on how to decorate the top of kitchen cabinets to add a touch of style and personality to your culinary space. How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets: PinterestInspired Ideas

1. Clear the Clutter

Before we dive into decorating it essential to start with a clean slate. Remove any unnecessary items or clutter from the top of your kitchen cabinets. A clutterfree canvas is the first step in achieving a visually appealing look.

2. Go Green with Potted Plants

Bring a breath of fresh air to your kitchen by placing potted plants on top of your cabinets. Greenery not only adds a pop of color but also promotes a soothing atmosphere. Consider lowmaintenance plants like succulents or trailing vines for an elegant touch.

3. Display Your Collections

If you have a collection of ceramic dishes vintage teapots or antique cookware don’t hide them away. Use the top of your cabinets to display these treasures. It a fantastic way to showcase your unique style and add a personal touch to your kitchen.

4. Use Baskets for Texture

Woven baskets can add warmth and texture to your kitchen decor. Place a few baskets on top of your cabinets to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can use them for storage or display decorative items inside.

5. Artistic Arrangements

Create eyecatching arrangements with art pieces or sculptures. These can range from quirky figurines to abstract sculptures depending on your taste. Such items can serve as conversation starters when you have guests over.

6. Utilize Fairy Lights

For a touch of enchantment consider draping fairy lights along the top of your kitchen cabinets. These tiny twinkling lights will add a magical glow to your kitchen especially during evenings and gatherings.

7. Seasonal Decor

Keep your kitchen fresh and everchanging by decorating according to the seasons. For example during the holiday season adorn the top of your cabinets with festive ornaments garlands or seasonal wreaths.

8. Vintage Crates and Boxes

Scour antique shops or flea markets for vintage crates or wooden boxes. Stack them on top of your cabinets to create a rustic and charming display. You can use them to store kitchen essentials or display decorative items.

9. Mirrors for Depth

Mirrors can work wonders in making your kitchen feel more spacious. Place a few mirrors on top of your cabinets to reflect light and give the illusion of a larger kitchen area.

10. Color Coordination

Maintain a cohesive color scheme by placing decorative items on top of your cabinets that match your kitchen color palette. This subtle coordination can tie the entire kitchen decor together.

11. Cookbooks as Decor

If you’re an avid chef use the top of your cabinets to display your collection of cookbooks. Not only will they be easily accessible but they’ll also serve as decorative elements that reflect your culinary passion.

12. Wine and Spirits

For wine enthusiasts turning the top of your cabinets into a mini wine bar is an excellent idea. Display your favorite wine bottles glassware and cocktail shakers for a stylish and functional setup.

13. Personalized Signage

Consider hanging personalized signage or kitchenthemed quotes above your cabinets. It adds a charming touch and can be a source of daily inspiration.

14. Family Photos

Make your kitchen feel even more like home by displaying family photos in elegant frames on top of your cabinets. It a heartwarming way to personalize your kitchen space.

15. Artistic Backsplash

Extend the artistic vibe from your backsplash up to the top of your cabinets. Choose tiles or artistic elements that harmonize with your kitchen design for a seamless look.


With these creative ideas you can transform the top of your kitchen cabinets into a canvas for selfexpression and style. From potted plants to vintage crates there are endless possibilities to make your kitchen truly unique and inviting.


Not at all! These ideas are easy to implement on your own. All it takes is a little creativity and some personal flair.

How often should I change the decor on top of my cabinets?

It depends on your preference. You can change it seasonally or whenever you feel like giving your kitchen a fresh look.

What if I have limited space between my cabinets and the ceiling?

You can still decorate it! Consider smaller items like decorative plates or a few wellplaced plants.

Can I combine multiple ideas from the list?

Absolutely! Mixing and matching different ideas can result in a unique and personalized look for your kitchen.

Are there any safety concerns with decorating the top of kitchen cabinets?

Ensure that whatever you place on top is secure and won’t fall. Be cautious when using lighting elements and always follow safety guidelines.

How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets: PinterestInspired Ideas
How to Decorate the Top of Kitchen Cabinets: PinterestInspired Ideas

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