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Chrisley Knows Best: Mind Your Business

Chrisley Knows Best: Mind Your Business

In today fastpaced world juggling personal life and business can be quite a challenge. However some individuals seem to have mastered this art and one such family is the Chrisleys known for their reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best.” In this article we will delve into the world of the Chrisley family and their remarkable ability to mind their business while captivating the hearts of viewers across the globe.

The Chrisley Clan: A Brief Introduction

Todd Chrisley: The Patriarch

Todd Chrisley the charismatic patriarch of the family is the driving force behind their success.

Julie Chrisley: The Matriarch

Julie Chrisley Todd wife is the epitome of grace and elegance. Her unwavering support for her husband and family values adds depth to the show narrative.

The Show Beginnings

“Chrisley Knows Best” made its debut in 2014 giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of the Chrisley family. The show premise revolves around their daily adventures parenting escapades and business endeavors.

Striking a Balance

This serves as an inspiration to many as they showcase the importance of time management and prioritization.

Business Ventures

Real Estate Ventures

Todd Chrisley foray into real estate has been a recurring theme on the show. His investments and keen eye for opportunities have resulted in significant financial success.

Chrisley Knows Best Boutique

Julie Chrisley entrepreneurial spirit shines through in the family boutique business. Her sense of style and fashion expertise have led to the boutique popularity.

Family Dynamics

Parenting Challenges

Raising children in the spotlight isn’t easy but the Chrisleys do it with finesse. They navigate the challenges of parenting with humor and love making their family relatable to viewers.

Strong Bonds

The tightknit Chrisley family is a testament to the importance of family values.

The Chrisley Brand

Social Media Presence

This has contributed to their growing fan base.

Merchandise and Endorsements

The family brand has extended beyond television with merchandise and endorsements.

In a world where blending personal life and business can be challenging the Chrisleys have shown that it is possible to do so with grace humor and love. “Chrisley Knows Best” is not just a reality TV show; it a testament to the importance of family entrepreneurship and the art of minding your business.


  1. Is “Chrisley Knows Best” scripted? No the show is not scripted. It offers a genuine look into the Chrisley family life.
  2. Do the Chrisleys still run their boutique business? Yes the Chrisleys are actively involved in running their boutique business which continues to thrive.
  3. How many seasons of “Chrisley Knows Best” are there? As of my last knowledge update in September 2021 there were nine seasons of the show. Please check for updates on additional seasons.
  4. Where can I watch “Chrisley Knows Best” online? You can watch “Chrisley Knows Best” on various streaming platforms or check your local listings for TV broadcast times.

The Chrisleys have not been immune to criticism and scrutiny but they’ve weathered these storms with resilience.

Legal Battles

The Chrisley family has faced legal issues that played out in the public arena. However they navigated these challenges while maintaining their family unity. This demonstrates their commitment to each other regardless of the circumstances.

Life Lessons from the Chrisleys

Prioritizing Family

The Chrisleys have always emphasized the importance of family.

The Impact of “Chrisley Knows Best”

As the Chrisleys continue their journey one thing remains clear: they will always mind their business and cherish their family bonds.

As we follow their adventures we’re reminded that in the end it not just about knowing your business but also minding it with love humor and unwavering support for family.


  1. How did the Chrisleys become famous? The Chrisleys gained fame through their reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best” which showcased their family dynamics and business ventures.
  2. What are some of the Chrisleys’ successful business ventures? Some of their successful ventures include real estate investments and the Chrisley Knows Best boutique.
  3. Are the Chrisleys still making new episodes of their show? As of my last update in September 2021 the show was still active but please check for the latest updates on its status.
  4. Do the Chrisleys have any upcoming projects? While I don’t have information on their future projects beyond 2021 the Chrisleys are known for their entrepreneurial spirit so it possible they have new ventures in the works.

In their unique way the Chrisleys have shown us that it possible to navigate the complexities of life business and family with grace and style.

Chrisley Knows Best: Mind Your Business
Chrisley Knows Best: Mind Your Business

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