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Capital one business analyst salary

Capital one business analyst salary

Capital One is an American-based finance holding company. It gives a wide variety of commercial and retail banking. It also provides credit card solution to its customers. If you want to be a business analyst at Capital One then you might be interested to know about “Capital one business analyst salary.” In this article, I will tell you all about this job career in Capital One so that you can determine whether you obtain this job title or not.

What is Capital one business analyst salary?

It is hard to tell you about the exact salary of business analyst at capital one but we can tell you the expected or average salary of capital one business analyst. According to the researches and data, the average salary of Capital One business analyst is $100,810. The approximate total salary of Business analyst at Capital One is $93,983 annually.

If you are a creative, technically expert problem solver and an analytical business athlete then you can apply for this role. Capital One focuses on the candidate’s ability and skills to hire them.

What does a Capital One Business Analyst do?

A business analyst in Capital One applies his/her strategic and analytical expertise to deal with challenges that company faces. As a business analyst at capital one, you will collaborate with the professionals from all around the world to make and test business analyzing strategies which take company to the next level of success.

You need to do your job in a collaborative working environment that benefit your insights, helps you to learn from others, enhance your creativity, and encourage you to take responsibilities of the work you do.

Major responsibilities of Capital One Business Analyst

Some of the major responsibilities of Capital One Business Analyst are mentioned below:

Business Analysis

Capital One business analyst recognizes the risk and issues. After identifying the risks, they find the ways to improve mistakes and to resolve issues. They make strategies with the help of their analysis.


They help the production team with their analytics. They set pricing strategies for the products.

Business marketing

Business analyst also plays a significant role in business marketing. They make strategies for product distributions by using their analytics. They help marketers to get targeted insights. They use technology to make strategies and collaborate with marketers for making best marketing strategies.

Enhance credit performance

Capital one business analyst helps company to enhance credit performance by dealing with the credit risks. They make strategies and make risk model. They generate and test hypothesis by using their analysis.

Business Partnership

Capital One business analyst collaborates well with the colleagues and other businesses to enhance IT efforts, sales, finance, operations that enhance quality, services, and volume as well as make business profitable.

Decision Maker

A business analyst at Capital 1 is decision maker. They have best decision-making skill such as strong business judgment, and leadership skills that enable them to be firm decision maker. These skills also help them to bring good approach to business.

Capital one business analyst is also responsible for tracking the record of dynamic business environment. To do this, they use all their expertise.

What qualification is required to get job of Business Analyst at capital One?

The qualification the is required to get business analyst job at Capital One is mentioned below:

Required Qualification

  • Bachelor Degree in any quantitative field
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in business analysis
Capital one business analyst salary
Capital one business analyst salary

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Preferred Qualification

A person with the qualification mentioned below can easily get business analyst job at Capital One:

  • Master’s degree in quantitative field or business
  • 1 year of experience in Statistical Model building, market research, business analysis, or consulting

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