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A business proposal chapter 1

A business proposal chapter 1

If you like to read manhwa, especially romantic manhwa then “A business proposal chapter 1” can be your choice. A wonderful and romantic manhwa revolves around a boss-employee relationship and office romance.

If you want to know further about “A business proposal chapter 1” then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further about it.

A business proposal Chapter 1—- Summary

“A business proposal” is a manhwa or webtoon, which revolves around the relationship between a boss and an employee who fell in love with each other. This manhwa revolves around Shin Ha-ri who attends a blind date on the behalf of a friend, and then her own boss unpredictably proposes her.

The story revolves around the challenges and complications that arise in the office romance between Shin Ha-ri and her boss. It also tells how they both navigate this newfound relationship while also continuing their work at the company. The story is thrilling and has unexpected twists and turns along the way.

A business proposal —- General Information

A business proposal is a romantic manhwa based on office romance. It follows the story of Shin Ha-ri who is suddenly proposed to by her boss after attending a blind date on the behalf of her friend.

The story has elements of comedy, drama, romance, it has been well received, and the readers appreciate it, which is evidenced by its high rating and views. It has ranked 58th and has a 4.4 rating out of five which proves the popularity and appreciation that it received from the readers.

The character portrayal is very wonderful in this manhwa and it has a strong storyline that increases the reader’s interest and suspense. The story has twists from start to end. This is a wonderful manhwa that you may read many platforms on the internet.

When a business proposal was released?

This manhwa is a fantastic manhwa that revolves around a girl who is unpredictably proposed by her boss when she attends a blind date on the behalf of her friend.

This wonderful manhwa was released in 2018. Haehwa wrote it. It gets too much popularity among manhwa lovers.

Is there any kdrama adaption of a business proposal chapter 1?

Yes, this manhwa also has a kdrama adaptation that was released in 2022. The drama experience of this webtoon is very wonderful and people who love to read it were pleased to know about the drama adaptation of this manhwa. You may enjoy both drama and manhwa webtoons.

A business proposal chapter 1
A business proposal chapter 1

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